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Elena Ringeisen

Modern Market Community

Elena Ringeisen

Welcome to Modern Market Community

An open community for all creative entrepreneurs to connect, learn and share!

Why You Should Join

Working for yourself can feel a little lonely...until now! This community is perfect for any creative entrepreneur who's ready to be surrounded by like-minded creatives who either work for themselves or are interested in starting their own business. This is a brand new group, so please be patient with us during the early stages while we get everything started! 

Meet Elena

I'm Elena, the founder, and dreamer behind Modern Market who's passionate about making an impact around the world. I'm opening up a second community created specifically for entrepreneurs and am so excited to open our doors.  Within this group, I'll be sharing all my favorite resources, tips, and advice when it comes to building a business from the ground up, and hopefully, others are just as open about sharing what has worked for them and their business so we can all learn something new.

The Cost


This community is currently 100% free to join. Depending on how fast this community grows we might make it a members only subscription in the future. If you sign up while it's FREE, it will always be free for you. (so hurry, and click that join button!)

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